The magazine talks about the more attractive products in the fashion universe, showing the news of the top clothing's brands and the advertising of the most trendy company; but also a lot of interviews with characters that can capture the same trends and launch them, showing unique fashion's points of view. Inside the mag you will find many collaborations with famous artists, and joint projects between different brands, as well as limited editions difficult to find on the market. There will be the most important international events, premieres and parties that you can't miss. So, within Crackers you'll find articles that will satisfy all different tastes, illustrating the work that stands before the products; we will present the research and study of materials used too, rather than the construction's methods used by different companies around the world. We will tell the history of clothing that have marked past ages, and the world of fashion icons belonging to the vintage... an unlimited resource of inspiration for modern designers. Crackers is a free-press magazine and it's distributed free of charge to the best shops throughout Italy, as well as in pubs, cultural spaces, and also in the most important fairs such as the Berlin's Bright, Pitti Uomo in Florence, the Capsule in Paris, Bread and Butter in Berlin, and finally the White in Milan.

Eastie Empire Tailors is a British label, specializing in tailored sportswear for on the field and off the court. Providing real style and substance through revived silhouettes and detailing from 1890-1945, and bespoke fabrications from this time like heavy gauge non-stretch aertex, linen jerseys and herringbone flannels. The label pays homage to vintage games and their players. Every garment has a history and a character stitched in. Manners Maketh Man.